Spring Forward: Top 5 Most Effective Ways to Refresh Your Home

Spring is here, jump and cheer!

It's time to get out and get busy around the house, smell the flowers, feel the sun's warmth on the skin, and enjoy the beautiful blue sky.

With so many things to do, not knowing where to start, we've compiled a shortlist of most common maintenance items you should pay attention to this spring.

Here are our Top Five ways to refresh your home for spring!

1. Clean Home Exterior

This category includes projects such as pressure washing siding, driveway, deck and porch, cleaning windows and screens. Pollen deposits have been extra heavy this year, so even a homeowner grade pressure washer will work miracles on the siding and driveway.

2. Repair, Reseal Fence & Deck

It is important to give wood some TLC as weather tends to compromise sealer coats over time. In addition to pressure washing, you should regularly re-seal your fence and deck. Check for loose screws, nails, or rusty brackets. Some boards also may need replacing due to rot and decay.

3. Inspect A/C & Exterior Electric

Uncover the A/C unit if you have a cover over it, remove debris from around the unit, and call a professional HVAC company for a maintenance visit. Follow these DIY steps to keep your A/C running efficiently. Check your exterior lights and outlets for visible damage, and seal any cracked caulking around housings.

4. Repair Concrete Surfaces

Lots of rain and freezing temperatures are not your driveway's best friend. You may see new cracks formed during the winter. Learn how to repair concrete cracks with off the shelf products. Home Depot has a few great products for small repairs, but hire a professional for larger jobs.

5. Spruce up Landscaping

Clean leafs, broken off branches, remove debris, trim overgrowth, and plant flowers.

Voila! Now your home is as sparkling as the season! (We’re assuming you already tackled the inside. 😉

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