How We Partner with Real Estate Professionals to Sell Your Home

Our favorite way to work is partnering with real estate professionals to maximize your home sale or new purchase!

Prior to selling, some contractors will tell you to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, which will end up being expensive. Unlike these contractors, we pride ourselves on respecting you and your budget. We want you to have the best return on your investment and will advise you in the most efficient ways to get your home ready to sell.

Here are some ways that we work with realtors to make clients happy:

At the Pre-Sale Stage

At the pre-sale stage, we typically come in before the realtor and recommend that we bring a realtor into the equation. Generally, the realtor has lots of insight and knowledge to contribute, so we want them to be involved in the early stages before discussing specific renovation ideas.

At the Pre-Purchase Stage

Sometimes, new homeowners ask us to give them a rough estimate of how much money they will realistically need to put into their home to make it theirs. At this stage, your real estate team is already working with you to consult on your investment.

After You’ve Purchased Your Home

We often work with realtors once you have purchased your home. Sometimes you know that you want to remodel part of your home, such as the kitchen or bathroom, within a short time frame. If a realtor tells us that closing is in 30 days and you want the job done before you move, that's where we come in.

If for no other reason, we encourage realtors, homeowners, and home buyers to reach out to us out of curiosity. If you are wondering how much something will cost, we will gladly give you a range of the typical market price, with your best interest in mind. You should feel confident in bringing this quote to your team, knowing that there are no strings attached.

We love working with realtors and want you to love your entire home team!

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