How to Prepare Your Home for Winter in the Pacific Northwest

What should I do first to get my home ready for winter?

Here is a list of top 10 items to do before anything else:

  1. Clean gutters and downspouts. It helps prevent water damage to structure.

  2. Cover outdoor faucets to prevent freezing (Buy on Amazon or Home Depot)

  3. Cover crawlspace vents with foam vent plugs (Buy at Home Depot)

  4. Cover exposed water pipes with Tube Insulation (Buy on Amazon or Home Depot)

  5. Examine doors and windows, and seal gaps and cracks. (Watch how-to on Youtube)

  6. Inspect roof for damaged shingles or tiles.

  7. Have chimney and fireplace cleaned. Goes for wood burning and gas burning.

  8. Trim trees and branches to prevent damage during windstorms.

  9. Check exterior lighting and outlets for exposed wires and broken covers.

  10. Check that water shut-off and electrical panel have clear access.

  11. Bonus: Top 15 Home Winterizing Tips to Save You Money (By Mr. Build It)

  12. Mega Bonus: Download Checklist (Word Format)

How can I protect my home from the rain and moisture?

Recognize that water damage is a common problem in the Pacific Northwest, but can be prevented with a little TLC.

  • Ensure proper siding and sheathing to keep wind and water out. Inspect siding for cracks and holes, and caulk those with an exterior-rated caulking product such as DYAFLEX Ultra . We like Dynaflex because it is weatherproof and provides a lifetime resistance to mold, mildew, and algae buildup, and comes in a variety of colors to match (or come close to) your siding color.

  • Pay attention to gutter routing to prevent water damage to your wood trim and foundation. Water can sneak into the smallest cracks and make its way into the walls.

  • Inspect trim above doors, windows, and the garage for signs of rot and cracks. Use caulking such as Vulkem around siding/trim joints, and outer perimeter of windows and doors.

What about the interior of the home?

Regular maintenance, and a preventive approach to winterizing the inside of your home ensures a warm, safe, and efficient living space during the colder months.

  • Heating System Maintenance - Replace filters and schedule a professional inspection at least once a year.

  • Check Smoke and Carbon Detectors - Replace batteries, check for expiration dates on each unit.

  • Emergency Preparedness - Prepare an emergency kit ( Download Checklist ) with essentials such as flashlights, blankets, water and non-perishable food. Power outages due to wind damage or freezing rain can last as long as two weeks.

Any last tips on what steps to take to prepare for the wet weather?

Before the rain and cold weather set in, it's crucial to wrap up any ongoing outside projects. With only a few weeks left before the weather becomes too challenging for outdoor work, prioritize tasks to avoid delays.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What issues arose last year, and how can you prevent them this year?

  • Are there recurring problems like pipes, gutters, or furnace issues?

  • Creating a mental checklist is an excellent way to kickstart the preparation process.

When thinking about winterizing your home, take note of things that would be damaging if they broke down and get a service check on those items before they go out.

Having problems identifying your winter checklist? Contact PDX Restorations now to get ahead of the game and be prepared for the wet season ahead.

In ensuring the safety and preparedness of your home and personal well-being during the winter season, we hope these tips prove valuable; should you have any further questions or require assistance, please feel free to contact us

—we're here to help you stay safe and secure.

gutters overflowing with rain water in portland
Tip #1: Clean gutters and downspouts and prevent water damage to your structure.
Also check out these handy tips by Mr. Build It!

How will I know when to call in the pros?

It never hurts to call a professional who can provide accurate guidance and suggestions before it’s too late.

  • Consult a professional for accurate guidance and suggestions.

  • Schedule professional services well in advance due to potential bookings.

  • Avoid getting stuck in DIY projects by seeking expert advice early.

  • We are here to help! We would love to talk with you about the process! Send us a message.

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