Bathroom Remodeling FAQ: Your Questions Answered

There are many moving pieces, and lots of questions to consider; How much will it cost, how long will it take, will it be messy? Who will buy x, who will provide y? You've never done this before, and here you are doing your research online, trying to find out what you don't know but should.

Like most of our clients, you have probably already done all you could to "do this right": received three estimates, have narrowed it down and selected a contractor, set a start date, and are anxious to see progress! Now what? What comes next and what should your role be?

Luckily, Bathroom remodels are one of our specialties, and we will help you answer some of these questions. Here's is a birds eye view on what to expect, but we also have an in depth guide "Everything you need to know about bathroom remodeling," and an article on what to expect if you hired us to do it.

Let's rewind a bit and start at the estimating and planning phase.

How much does the typical bathroom remodeling cost?

We've addressed this question in a separate blog post, however the typical mid-size bathroom remodeling project in the Portland area ranges between $18,000 and $28,000. Some of the big ticket items are: plumbing, tiles, and glass shower door.

How long will it take to remodel my bathroom?

Best case scenario for a complete remodel (gut to the studs and rebuild) can be 4 -5 weeks of actual hands on work, HOWEVER, inspection delays, delivery delays, and surprises behind walls can drag out the project past 8-9 weeks with ease. Your homework prior to demolition is crucial for timely completion, and having everything ordered and delivered to your home prior to project start will help make up for lost time on unexpected events.

What can I do to help the process happen as smoothly as possible?

Having a complete list of finishes is very helpful. Know ahead of time what you would like your bathroom to look like, and how much you would like to spend on the overall project. Allow yourself to splurge on nice-to-haves, but it will help to know your general spending target.

Do I need a technical plan or is Pinterest enough?

Your ideas, pictures, and vision needs to be transferred to paper. This could be done by an interior designer who offers this service, or a building designer from an architecture firm. While plans are not required, having a good set of plans (See examples in this article) will help your contractor and subcontractors know exactly what lays ahead.

What do I need to know before demolition?

In Oregon, you need to have surfaces tested for asbestos and lead before demolition. Small samples are being sent to a lab, which can take up to 3 days to have results back. Demolition work can not start before receiving lab results. Make sure your contractor orders a test.

Should I stay in my home while remodeling?

It really depends on your lifestyle, health, and noise tolerance. A good contractor will always cover and protect your home starting from the front entry way to the work area. Typically that means floor covering, dust barrier on doors, plastic covers on furniture and decorations. You can expect lots of power tools noise and foot traffic throughout the project. If you typically take meetings from home, it's probably best if you travel to the office during these times, or your car will become your new office cubicle for a while.

Should I supervise the workers to make sure every step is done right?

Did you hire a general contractor? If yes, then it is the general contractors' responsibility to manage schedule, craftsmanship of subs, and timely delivery. If you intend to supervise yourself, you should plan to be available during the first half of the day for phone calls and e-mails. Vendors may need to verify info before finalizing orders, and subcontractors may need additional materials and supplies.

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