Back to School: How to Convert Your Space for At-Home Learning

It's an unusual back-to-school year, to say the least.

This September, the Beaverton School District, Portland Public Schools, and most of our other area private and public schools will be remote. This means homes are once again classrooms for kids of all ages.

And with parents still working from home, it can create a hectic environment! It’s hard to focus while overhearing a Zoom conversation or trying to make the dining room table feel like a library.

The good news is that there are simple home updates that can be a huge improvement for your home learning or working environment.

These ideas can even work for small and limited spaces - all it takes is your creativity combined with our expertise!

1: Add a Wall

Need more privacy? We can add a wall to divide almost any room, creating a focused space for a schoolroom or office.

2: Build in Bookshelves

Your home office should be inspiring, and functional. Built-in shelving is the best way to dedicate a space to work or even create a beautiful Zoom background.

3: Convert a Room

Have a shed you don't really use? We can transform it to an office, study room, or even a music practice space.

4: Transform a Closet

Small space? No problem! Check out these beautiful office nooks featured in The New York Times. It’s easy to create built-in desks and shelves in a closet, or convert an alcove like that hard-to-use under the stairs area.

5: Add a Room

If most of your unused space is outdoors, maybe it’s time to add on a room! We can create a new office that’s attached to your house, or maybe you want a bigger family room and we can convert the old one to an office. With a brand new room, there are myriad possibilities!

Don’t let back-to-school be a source of stress. Contact us for a custom quote!

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